Upgraded to Pro, Now What?

You'll notice that your experience across our chrome extension and web app have been upgraded to include:

YouTube Keyword Research - Helping you decide which keywords you'll need to add to rank for a specific search term. This is found directly inside of YouTube navigation whenever you make a YouTube search.

Best Time of Day - We process this nightly based on your subscriber activity for last 30 days. This can be found on frontpage of app.vidiq.com. (Sometimes this can take up to a few hours for our system to do the initial processing based on your channel.)

Historical Stats on Popular Videos - You can effectively go back in time and find out why a video went viral through the vidIQ Pro Chrome Extension. We suggest taking a look at top videos on reddit as it'll show many videos popping after having much smaller growth beforehand.

Text Description Campaigns - These allow you to run and track campaigns across all of your videos (without impacting SEO) to promote various things like a recent video or new channel or even a new product, all while tracking performance on clickthrough rates.

Facebook App - Quick and Easy. Drive more YouTube views from your new Facebook Tab.

Competitors - You'll notice that the limit on this feature has been increased and you can track up to 6 competitors.

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